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As a tribute to Bernard O’Neill and my long friendship with him, I am now publishing an Internet version of the O’Neill family tree that he and I published in May 1986. Information on living persons has been redacted from this Internet version. We commenced work on this project in May 1977, shortly after the January 1977 O’Neill Reunion in Ranfurly, New Zealand for descendants of my great-grandparents, John and Margaret O’Neill.

The O’Neills of Greenlough, Co. Derry from 1820 onwards is the family tree of two O’Neill brothers from the townlands of Ballymacpeake and Eden in the Roman Catholic Parish of Greenlough. Their children emigrated mostly to New Zealand in the 1870s-1890s, but also to the USA. A few of their children stayed in Ireland and have descendants who live still in the homeland. The family tree includes photographs of most of the first generation. This family tree was the basis for the database that is now hosted on this website: see the pages on John O’Neill and Stafford O’Neill.

O'Neills of Greenlough family tree 1986 - Internet version 2021

Addition 20 July 2021:

O'Neills of Greenlough photo album 1984 - electronic version 2021

  One Response to “O’Neills of Greenlough family tree”

  1. Fantastic Paddy !
    What a great idea to preserve all this information on internet and to be accessible to all the
    It gives me a feeling of being with everybody even though I am so far away on this little point
    of land of Finis Terra at the “end of the earth” ! in Brittany.
    Thank you a million times !
    Mary Catherine O’Neill Le Rumeur (born Dunedin NZ 1953)

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